Renmar Install New SB Dryer System

Renmar Plastics Machinery recently installed a new SB dehumidifying dryer to a reputable plastics processing company in the North of England.

The SB Plastics Machinery drier, which boasted a sizeable 800-litre hopper, was delivered and installed by Renmar, including the associated pipework. The unit has the capability of drying a range of engineering materials from PET at 100kg/hr and ABS at 250kg/hr.

SB DryerThe SB range as three versions:-

LT – Low Temperature
MT-  Mid Temperature
HT – High Temperature.

Using the twin desiccant bed the dryer provides dry air in optimum conditions to the fully insulated drying hopper, with a dry air catch-box for conveying to the process machine.

The customer wishes to remain anonymous, but did have the following comments:

“We are extremely happy with the recent supply of the SB Plastic Machinery dehumidified dryer from Renmar Plastics Machinery, they understood from the start our exacting requirements and the delivered equipment that was installed by their engineer has met all our expectations. Their understanding of our needs to keep the project under wraps was adhered to as part of the contract of supply.

“The equipment arrived as planned and was erected including rigid pipework to the machine hopper, giving us excellent quality dried polymer to our process line.”

Technical Director – Plastics Processor – Northern England

For more information on Renmar’s drying equipment range, visit their website.

Renmar Plastics Machinery are size reduction and ancillary specialists, working with a small number of carefully selected international manufacturers with quality products, suitable for many applications such as plastics processing, print, packaging, medical, automotive and food.

Renmar’s ancillary division features robots, granulators, shredders, dryers, loaders, blenders, conveyors and mould heaters in addition to their machinery division which covers the entire Amut Group range of extrusion, thermoforming, blown film, waste handling and recycling lines.


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