Renmar Plastics Machinery Introduce New AEC ZG Mould Heater

Renmar have launched the new ZG unit, which is a replacement for the popular VCU model. 

Whilst it is near enough a like for like replacement, there are some differences and improvements with the new unit. Features of this unit include:

•  Stainless steel heaters and pump (rather than cast iron)
•  3/4″ water supply – supplied with 1″ adapter
•  3/4″ to/from process connections – supplied with 1″ adapter
•  Delta controller (rather than Eurotherm)
•  1/4″ solenoid valve
•  Phase detection monitor
•  Maintains temperature to within 1°C allowing for tighter temperature control
•  High flow pump with 0°C to 120°C operating range

The ZG is only available exclusively through Renmar Plastics Machinery and are available from UK stock in the following spec:

ZG200 9kw Heater with 2HP Pump – 189 litres/min
ZG300 12kw Heater with 3HP Pump – 227 litres/min

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