RIDAT Delivers Vacuum Forming Machine to French Manufacturer

RIDAT recently delivered a Vacuum Forming Machine with Duplex Heater to SAS Creaplast near Dreux, France, which is a part of Marie-Laure PLV Merchandising group.

Frank Zimmerman, Industrial Director of Marie-Laure PLV Merchandising, says:

“We urgently needed to replace ageing German vacuum formers with equipment that provides flexibility in operation and meets the stringest standards of the current times.

“Ridat’s Model 4030AVF offered us the perfect solution and provides us with superior performance at a competitive price.

“We were so pleased with our first Ridat vacuum former that we ordered a second Ridat machine within 60 days of the first delivery.”

Founded in 1982, Marie-Laure PLV is a French company specialising in design, development and production of point of sale merchandising displays and projects for major companies ranging from luxury and beauty to the retail and automobile sectors. The company employs more than 450 people in France. The group has three production plants including factory SAS Creaplast, which houses their thermoforming activity, where the new Ridat machine was commissioned.

RIDAT is a leading UK manufacturer of thermoforming equipment with over 60 models and 50+ years’ manufacturing experience. Its impressive product range and high specification machinery offers many features included as standard.

The Model 4030AVF Industrial Vacuum Forming Machine includes automatic sag control, photo-electic safety curtain, quick cooling of formed product, bubble facility, quick mould changes and user-friendly micro-processor system that assists with fault faulting all as standard features, as well as top and bottom heating with PID control for accurate zone temperature control. In addition, the equipment was fitted with plug assistance to facilitate material distribution.

The new order will have additional bespoke functionality added, including a sheet-feed product removal facility.

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