Silvergate First to Launch Prime Performance 30% Recycled Masterbatch

In anticipation of the Government’s proposed tax on plastic packaging using under 30% recycled content, Silvergate has launched a new masterbatch exceeding these requirements, while behaving like a virgin product.

Subject to consultation, the Government’s proposal could be implemented by April 2022, as part of its strategy to overhaul the UK’s waste system.

Rather than waiting for the regulations to come into force, Silvergate is once again leading the way in the plastics industry by launching this high-performance masterbatch made up of over 30% recyclate which is also suitable for food contact applications.

Commenting on the new technology, Silvergate’s CEO Tony Bestall said: “Despite the current focus on plastic waste dominating headlines, plastic will continue to play a major role in all of our lives. Silvergate is always keen to remain at the forefront of innovation and operate responsibly. While our initial development has been for high volume whites, we can implement this technology into almost any colour. Our product gives 100% repeatability in process and is suitable for food contact applications, making the new range incredibly attractive to our customers and end-users.

Not only has the independent masterbatch manufacturer launched this new range of products that perform in the same way as prime products, but Silvergate is also able to consistently colour recyclates by adjusting batch to batch masterbatch formulations to accommodate variations in the base colour of recycled feedstocks.


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