Simar International Offer Affordable Solution for Big Bag Dispensing

Simar International specialises in the field of material distribution, involving plastic granules, powders or regrind. Its latest solution is two new products designed to overcome common problems associated with big bag dispensing.

Simar customers often buy and handle material in one tonne woven PP bags, sometimes the returnable type with a bottom discharge tube, but also simple non-returnable bags with no discharge point.

A common problem is the inability to dispense a part bag, as soon as the discharge chute is opened, or the bag cut, the bag will completely empty.  In some cases, for example, when expensive additives such as colour masterbatches are involved, only a small percentage of the bag is needed.  A controlled and measured material discharge would be ideal, but until now, the solutions available were an expensive pneumatic device that ‘pinched’ off the discharge chute of a returnable bag.

Simar can now offer two affordable solutions to this common problem. Version one is designed to puncture the base of a bag and forms a leakproof seal, while the second variant is easily attached to the discharge tube.

Unit 1:

Simar Unit 1

The innovative unit lets you empty big bags easily, quickly and precisely. Any residual amounts can be left in the bag for the next dispensing task, once the bag is empty the device can be removed for another big bag dispensing.


Unit 2:

Simar Unit 2

This unit was specially developed and designed for use with returnable big bags, again this unit can be left in the bag for storage or for the next dispensing task. There is also the option to mount the bag onto a rack for storage and dispensing into wheelie bins, day bins, etc.


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