Unlocking the Innovation Behind Contactless Locker Access

Unlocking the Innovation Behind Contactless Locker Access

In the grip of a global pandemic, hygiene practises are more important now than ever before. SteriTouch always prided itself on creating antibacterial solutions for a vast range of products and applications. Working with eLocker has pushed innovation to the next level.

eLocker has created a solution for hospitals and the NHS during the COVID-19 outbreak by developing a medically compliant lock solution. The system works by combining innovative RFID technology with intuitive locker management, coupled with a protective outer casing designed by SteriTouch. This antibacterial shield acts as another level of protection from an already contactless system, giving users complete peace of mind.

SteriTouch additives eradicate the bacteria which cause contamination and infection. Coronavirus COVID-19 is an enveloped virus, so-called because of its fatty outer membrane or ‘envelope’. Several of the active substances we use have been successfully tested against other enveloped viruses, such as Influenza, Avian flu and SARS. By contributing to a completely contactless system, we have ensured that the transmission of harmful bacteria is eliminated by combining SteriTouch and eLocker technologies.

The applications and potential for this technology are endless. SteriTouch and eLocker have already built up strong relationships within the NHS, and with the emergence of this system, we hope to further combat harmful bacteria from spreading from person to person. NHS and other key workers are currently fighting COVID-19 around the clock, and if we can help in this fight by preventing the spread of infection, then it is our duty to do so.

Jacob Hinson, Technical & Sales Director for eLocker, commented: “eLocker is partnering with SteriTouch to offer smart lockers with a fully accredited coating to stop the transmission of harmful bacteria. After having several requests from healthcare providers, it was evident that eLocker needed a fast and easy way to make locks ready for medical environments.

“It became evident we needed a way to do it in the UK. The team at SteriTouch have been reactive and have come up with a solution very quickly, and we are pleased to announce the launch of this product to support the NHS through the COVID-19 outbreak.”

For more information on Antibacterial eLocker products, please contact Jacob Hinson at jacob@elocker.com or 07772 646747.

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