Tantec-UK Resonates with Focus of Plastics Live

Tantec-UK Resonates with Focus of Plastics Live

Joining the impressive and growing list of exhibitors at Plastics Live is Tantec-UK, which will be showcasing its plasma and corona surface treatment technology and explaining its use within the plastics industry.

Plastics Live (incorporating Industry 4.0 in PlasticsSustainable Plastics Live, and the 3D printing event AMPLAS) will take place from July 5-6, 2022, at the Coventry Building Society Arena (formerly Ricoh Arena).

Tantec-UK is the UK and Ireland representative for Tantec A/S, Danish manufacturers of plasma and corona treatment systems. Tantec has been providing systems globally since 1974. The technology is getting enormous interest at the moment due to its sustainability and repeatable use without the need for operator intervention, no use of chemicals, and no consumable gases or liquids.

Chris Howey, Managing Director at Tantec UK, said: “Plastics Live is set to be an exciting and fresh event with its focus on plastics. Being a part of the plastics world, I think we have a duty to the general public and others in manufacturing to show there’s more to this sector than single-use plastics and pollution. Plastics are a sustainable and excellent product when used in the right way.

Our recent projects have seen us reduce costs for customers who had previously been using chemicals and primers. We add repeatability and reduce the risk for customers working with manual techniques such as abrasion. We’ve allowed customers to choose the right adhesive, inks, or materials to suit their process instead of just having to go with what they’ve always used because it worked.

In a nutshell — we’re here to tackle problems with adhesion in the plastics industry, and we’ve got some great ideas! We’ve seen a big increase in automation and repeatable processes that contribute to sustainable products and lower emissions.

That is true whether we’re talking about smaller and smarter medical devices, lighter and better designed automotive components, or premium engineered motorsport and aerospace components. The move from manual and dirty factories goes hand in hand with our equipment which suits the factory of tomorrow perfectly — plasma and corona surface treatments are the future of adhesion solutions.”

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