TCB-Arrow Introduce Anti-Microbial Additives to Products

In an effort to prevent bacterial growth on certain products, TCB-Arrow are beginning to introduce anti-microbial additives.

Their supplier provides fast, effective and permanent protection against bacterial growth thanks to its specialist anti-microbial technology, which helps to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

But first, what is anti-microbial technology? Simply put, it’s a substance that destroys the presence of bacteria or mould. By being built into the foundation of the product itself, the anti-microbial can then go on to prevent the growth of microbes such as fungi that would otherwise cause contamination. The supplier used by TCB-Arrow employs a particularly potent brand of the technology – bespoke additives that enforce a permanent, inbuilt protection.

At TCB-Arrow, the quality of their products is of absolute importance. That’s why they’re taking the additional steps to prevent any kind of risk – products like sanitary bins or shower squeegees are being given the new technology, which protects them against invisible dangers. The additive technology is seamlessly integrated into the manufacturing process, making it easy to incorporate it into products. From there, it goes on to become a part of the finished product, helping to protect it from harm. The anti-microbial additive technology protects the product for its lifetime, keeping its surfaces clean and hygienic.

To learn more about how TCB-Arrow use the cutting edge anti-microbial additives within their products, get in touch on the below.

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