Telsonic UK Doubles Floorspace To Meet Demand

Telsonic UK Doubles Floorspace To Meet Demand

Despite the numerous challenges which have been present over recent times, brought on by a combination of the pandemic and the changing business landscape, Telsonic UK has not only weathered the storm but has doubled the size of its Poole-based UK facility to meet the increasing demand for its ultrasonic modules, systems, and ultrasonic automated solutions.

There is no doubt that the majority of retail and hospitality businesses suffered greatly as a result of the restrictions imposed during the worst phases of the pandemic. However, many manufacturing companies, and especially those involved in the production of PPE and other medical and pharmaceutical products, were working flat out to support the fight against COVID19.

The ultrasonic technology manufactured by Telsonic is used across multiple sectors and a combination of organic growth, plus a significant continued increase in demand from companies involved in the production of PPE in recent times were the catalysts for the expansion of Telsonic’s UK facility. David Norton Telsonic UK Managing Director explains: “We have seen continued growth and turnover within our business year on year and pre-pandemic we were at the stage where it had become clear that the facility would need to expand if we were to continue our growth strategy.” Fortuitously the business in the adjacent unit to Telsonic decided to move to larger premises towards the end of 2021, providing the ideal opportunity to double the size of the UK site whilst remaining in situ.

Telsonic Conference room
The additional floorspace in the new extension also incorporates another conference room.

The additional 2,400 sq / ft of floorspace, which also incorporates another 325 sq. / ft conference room, is now fully operational, allowing Telsonic to continue to expand their ultrasonic automation and machine building activities. David Norton comments: “Traditionally our business has been the specification, sale and support of our standard ultrasonic modules and standard and special machine systems across plastic welding, metal welding, food-cutting, cleaning, and sieving, complemented by a contract plastic and metal welding capacity. In recent years however, we have seen an increase in demand from our customers for small to medium sized bespoke ultrasonic machine solutions, built and supported by Telsonic UK as specialists in the machines’ core ultrasonic welding process.

This fits perfectly within the UK business interests and existing core competences. Furthermore, the additional floorspace makes it possible for us to maintain the best possible working environment, which in turn fosters the highest levels of both quality and performance, as we continue to expand our UK operation. The doubling of available floorspace with this expansion to our facility will support our organic and targeted growth as well as providing extra space for new staff offices, customer meeting rooms and storage.

Telsonic Factory Floor
Telsonic UK has doubled the available floorspace within their Poole facility

The recent expansion of the UK facility is the latest in a series of investments by the company, including the integration of Dynamics 365 ERP / CRM system, customised to meet the specific needs of the UK subsidiary and which will enhance customer liaison and communication, EPLAN electrical design software, and additional SolidWorks CAD technology seats for machine design. The company has already recruited additional personnel across a number of key areas to support the continued growth of the business, with the recruitment drive currently continuing as Telsonic seeks to add more engineers to the UK team.

Telsonic UK offer a comprehensive range of ultrasonic modules and systems for a variety of plastic and metal welding, cutting, sealing, cut’n’seal, food cutting and cleaning applications within a wide range of industries.


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