Tex Plastics Secures Environmental Standard ISO 14001

The awarding of the Environmental Standard reflects the vision to monitor and control the impact of operations on the environment, both now and in the future, at Tex Plastics Derby.

The World’s Most Recognised Environmental Standard

The team at Tex Plastics have developed a process which identifies possible environmental risks and waste during the design and manufacturing operations. Through putting a high priority on dealing with them, means we were able to identify and apply solutions which reduce or remove the negative environmental impact. Measures such as the implementation of a waste recycling program, control of noise, materials used, water and electricity consumption. All of which help us to stay commercially successful fulfiling at the same time our environmental responsibility.

A Roadmap for Environmental Performance

The cornerstones of Tex’s environmental policy are:

  • Maintaining commitment from senior management and buy-in from employees
  • Assessing the impact that your activities have on the environment
  • Maintaining controls on your activities that have a significant environmental impact
  • Monitoring developments in environmental legislation and checking compliance
  • Continually looking for opportunities to reduce your impact on the environment and improving the environmental benefit of your products and services.


Guy Sentance, Production Director and General Manager at Tex Plastics, commented: “We are proud to announce that Tex Plastics Derby has been awarded the most recognised international standard for environmental management systems. Having achieved this award, now means we can tangibly demonstrate to all stakeholders our commitment and focus in improving environmental performance across all aspects of the business as directed by our Environmental Policy.

How It Affects What We Do

Having ISO:14001:2015 helps Tex as a business achieve the aims of its environmental management system, providing value for the environment, the business itself and all stakeholders. This is measured and managed under the following three pillars;

  1. Improvement
  2. Compliance
  3. Protection

Monitoring and review are critical to any successful Environmental Management System. Our systems and performance are monitored both monthly and quarterly allowing us to determine effectiveness and areas for improvement.

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