Thomas Marquardt becomes Managing Director of ALBIS’s Newly Acquired WIPAG

With immediate effect Thomas Marquardt will take over the management of WIPAG Deutschland GmbH, specialists in the processing and production of carbon fibre based compounds that can be injection moulded.

Previously, Marquardt was responsible for the global Automotive Segment of ALBIS PLASTIC GmbH and with this change he will be focusing closely on lightweight construction in the automotive industry.

Bernd Sparenberg, Vice President Technical Compounds at ALBIS PLASTIC, who oversaw the acquisition, says: “We are very pleased that the takeover has gone smoothly and that Thomas Marquardt agreed to accept this position of responsibility. Mr. Marquardt is very familiar with this industry, having worked in the automotive sector for a good number of years, and has excellent industry contacts.”

The acquisition of WIPAG Deutschland by ALBIS PLASTIC took place at the beginning of 2018. With WIPAGs cutting-edge and pioneering technology, Hamburg-based ALBIS PLASTIC has further invested in recycling activities and has expanded its product portfolio.

Thomas Marquardt: “There is huge potential in lots of markets for using carbon fibre based compounds in lightweight construction concepts. I am really looking forward to this new challenge and the opportunity to move forward with the numerous opportunities available to WIPAG.”

WIPAG takes waste carbon fibre, which comes mostly from the automotive industry, and processes it into reinforced carbon fibre compound pellets. In the future, ALBIS will offer polypropylene and polyamide based CFRP materials. PP CF compounds have both higher rigidity and lower density. This gives them a significant weight and cost advantage compared with highly-filled, glass fibre reinforced PA materials. For example, from 2021, newly registered cars in the EU will only be permitted to emit an average maximum of 95g of CO2 per kilometre. Automobile manufacturers and suppliers are strongly advised to comply with the CO2 limit regulation, if they want to avoid the fines that come with any breach of this regulation.

Furthermore, WIPAG also receives high-quality recyclable PP-based post-industrial and post-consumer materials, from various sources, to process. This closed loop technology is typically used for recycling bumpers and instrument panels, a system used by various automotive manufacturers.

“Current European initiatives are already demonstrating the need to push ahead with recycling and recycling management. And with WIPAG we see ourselves in an optimum position for this, both technologically and economically,” says Thomas Marquardt.

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