Tool-Temp Introduce New Oil Temperature Control Unit

Leading temperature control specialists, Tool-Temp, have recently added the TT430Y oil temperature control unit to their product range.

Tool-Temp recently installed their new TT430Y oil temperature control units to a customer in Ireland. These were manufactured specifically for the customer’s process, but have since been launched as a standard machine in Tool-Temp’s product range.

Tool-Temp flew the customer out to their head office in Switzerland to meet with their Technical Director. Once they had all the project requirements, the unit went through to conceptual design and planning. Following approval, they then went through to production.

The units have a working range of 240°C to minus 20°C. The unit is equipped with three independent heat exchangers which covers the working range of the unit. The three-circuit cooling system makes it possible to work with oil below zero degrees. The installed self-optimising temperature controller MP-988 works with three temperature probe inlets. The reference temperature for the regulation can be the temperature of the product inside the process or the oil temperature in the tank of the unit. To avoid any damage of the process, the pump pressure can be adjusted to the specifications of the vessel/reactor. The pump RPM can be adjusted very easily using the frequency inverter. This is just one of many features. To find out more, get in touch with Tool-Temp below.

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