Top Table Investment for ND Precision

ND Precision have invested in a new Meusburger Air-Cushioned Assembly Table for assembling tools up to 3 Tonnes.

The Meusburger table was developed to facilitate operations in repair and assembly work on injection moulding, die casting and punching tools.

The table design is simple but incredibly effective: using multiple air nozzles, an air cushion is created on the underside of the moveable plates. This enables light and easy movement of the tool halves. The separate control enables efficient handling of both tool halves without having to reposition or turn them around. This means increased safety for workers and protection of the valuable tool from damage.

By enabling easy and efficient working, this will allow ND Precision Products to increase productivity as well as save time and money through reduced fitting times.

If you have any tooling requirements, ND Precision Products would be more than happy to help. Contact the team on:
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