Triple R UK Introduces SE 100 Mobile System

Triple R UK’s SE 100 mobile system for hydraulic, lubricating and engine oil, is an offline system which includes its own motor pump combination, suitable for any application without pressure.

The system ensures effective filtering of all solid particles, water, and varnish. These usually cannot be removed with standard filters. The SE series is also available in many different configurations, i.e., systems that can be mounted vertically, mobile systems and systems for use with water glycol fluids.

Features of the SE 100 mobile system include:

  • Compact mobile bypass cleaner.
  • Ideal for maintenance departments.
  • Low running cost with easy installation.
  • Also available with two and four housings or with SS and SU filter housings, for bigger flow rates.
  • Performs 3in1 oil cleaning by removing all small particulate which is very difficult to remove with full flow filters — also performing absolute oil cleaning by removing solid particles, absorbing water & eliminating sludge and oil oxidation residues.

Benefits of the SE 100 mobile system include:

  • Improves productivity and machine reliability.
  • Quick time-saving installation.
  • Prevents breakdowns to hydraulic equipment.
  • Longer life of all hydraulic components, pumps, servo-valves and other equipment.
  • Very important reduction of the oil consumption cost and the resulting waste oil expenses.
  • Reduces the use of very expensive full flow filters and extends their life (50%-80% cost saving!)
  • Significant reduction of maintenance expenditure.

This also offers environmental protection, as Triple R filters effectively clean the oil (down to NAS 6 or ISO 15/12) and stabilise the oil condition. That results in a significant increase in oil life and a significant reduction in oil consumption and oil disposal cost.

Typical applications include:

  • Perfect for oil cleaning during service interventions and maintenance activities.
  • For cleaning all hydraulic systems fitted with dirt-sensitive pumps, proportional valves, and servo-valves.
  • Also available for diesel fuel, high viscosity oil or water-glycol fluids.

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