Ultrapolymers Expand Portfolio of PP-based TPOs

Plastics distributor Ultrapolymers has extended its broad portfolio of PP-based TPOs (thermoplastic polyolefins) with Hiflex CA 7600 A from LyondellBasell, which is noted above all for its well-balanced property profile.

In addition to the currently available TPOs produced with the Catalloy technology, this new type combines for the first time high flexibility with ease of processing, high dimensional stability and good low-temperature impact strength as well as good mechanical properties at elevated temperatures.

Hiflex CA 7600 A can be processed 100% directly. Thanks to its excellent compatibility with other polyolefins and flexible thermoplastics, it is, however, also ideal for precisely tailoring the impact strength, stiffness and shrinkage behaviour of compounds for injection moulding and extrusion.

Typical applications range from cable sheathings over roof membranes and thermoformed sheet to visible components for interior and exterior automotive applications with low weight and a matt surface.

The advantageous property combination of Hiflex CA 7600 A is based on its special microstructure. Unlike the usual TPO grades, the PP phase here is in the form of very small domains, and is thus embedded into the elastomer phase as a modifier. This functional reversal allows the formation of a particularly fine structure and thus, among other things, the absorption and outstanding dispersion even of very high filler contents including flame retardants and talc. As a result, the properties are distributed very homogenously over the entire finished product.

A spokesman from Ultrapolymers said: “Through the phase reversal, LyondellBasell has succeeded in further improving the already favourable properties of the currently available Hifax and Adflex TPOs, and combining them in one material type. Hiflex CA 7600 A offers easy processing, high flexibility and dimensional stability, excellent temperature resistance combined with low gloss, plus increased impact strength and stiffness. Beyond, our customers benefit from the very good flow behaviour of the granules in the conveying system, because they do not have any tendency to stick, even at temperatures of around 60 °C.”

Adflex, Hifax and Hiflex are registered trademarks of LyondellBasell Group.

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