Vanden Whitepaper Highlights the Value of Scrap Plastic

Download the free whitepaper from Vanden Recycling, to maximise the value of your plastic scrap and to learn how your business could benefit from being part of the circular economy.

Vanden Recycling has released a free whitepaper to educate manufacturers about the value of scrap plastic material, and how they can benefit from handling their plastic waste correctly. The helpful guide gives advice on how to collect waste in a manner that enables recycling at the highest possible value, and how this feeds into the circular economy.

Download the whitepaper and discover:
  • How to segregate plastics correctly
  • Advice on ensuring the cleanliness of plastic
  • Tips on generating the required weights of plastic
  • Guidance for training your team on the value of plastic scrap
  • Plastic recycling checklist

Vanden aims to help companies become part of the circular economy by implementing sustainable recycling solutions, while recouping raw-material costs by selling high-value scrap material.

Damien van Leuven, CEO of Vanden Recycling, commented: “This whitepaper will provide you with valuable insights on dealing with plastic scrap, end of life plastics and redundant stock. You’ll be able to take this knowledge forward and contribute towards creating a circular economy by maximising the value of your plastics and allowing them to re-enter the supply chain.

You can download the whitepaper for free from the Vanden website: https://info.vandenrecycling.com/get-the-best-value-from-your-plastic-scrap

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