Go West! Vanden’s John Carapetis Moves to UK

One of the founders of Vanden has relocated to the UK, reflecting the changing nature of the plastic recycling market.

Australia-born John Carapetis founded Vanden with fellow director Damien van Leuven in 2005 and was previously operating from Vanden’s offices in Hong Kong and then Malaysia.

John moving to the UK is a continuation of Vanden’s long-term plan to add real value to UK waste plastics. This started several years ago with the establishment of a European and UK customer base followed by entry into the reprocessing arena in 2017. Having one of the Group leadership team move to the UK underlines the importance of this territory and the fundamental changes in global recycling markets. John will be based at the company’s Peterborough facility.

John Carapetis said: “Vanden has gone from a trading business with processing capacity to a processing business with trading expertise.

“There is infinite opportunity in the UK recycling market, and this has been helped by the China ban and closure or restrictions of other Asian countries. We are creating a high quality plastic infeed for reuse back into the supply chain.

John will remain Vanden’s chief trading officer and will manage the commercial teams here in the UK and in the business’ other offices around the world. He will be responsible for sourcing polymer for processing in Peterborough, and for trading the recycled product to manufacturers in the UK and globally.

“I’ve always believed in recycling at source and it is important Vanden is helping to support that right here in the UK,” he added. “I’m incredibly excited to be here and part of that.”
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