Verus Precision Present an Ultimatum on Metrology Fixtures

Preparing for a new moulding project presents many challenges and one such challenge, the metrology and metrology fixtures, is often the cause of delays, loss of income, and frustration.

Verus Precision have developed the Ultimatum, which is a guide to metrology fixture design.

The Ultimatum describes Metrology Fixture Design best practice; it will guide you and help you avoid those unpleasant consequences.

Verus Precision have a pioneered integrated process which combines the power of world-leading, bespoke Fixture Design, Autodesk Moldflow Technology, off-line metrology CMM software, and 3D printing technologies.

It’s a holistic approach and it benefits clients as it allows them to see the as-moulded component assembled into metrology fixture designs. This approach allows for off-line programming and a full metrology ISIR report before a physical moulded part has been created and all in a virtual environment.

“When it comes to a new innovative challenge, we listen to our clients, we consider, we evaluate and we plan carefully. That’s part of what makes us the best at what we do.” commented Michael Nugent, Technical Director at Verus Precision.

Access the Ultimatum from Verus Precision.

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