Visit the Sonic Solutions “Plastic Surgeons” at Interplas

Visit the Sonic Solutions “Plastic Surgeons” at Interplas

Are your dirty parts dead, sick, or needing some TLC?  Sonic Solutions, “The Plastic Surgeons”, ‘Doctor’ Ben Peacock and ‘Doctor’ Andrew Taylor can perform a free triage, AKA a free trial clean, to provide you with both a diagnosis and a prescription!

Sonic Solutions has been saving plastic companies like yours tens of thousands of pounds by cleaning their dirty process parts since 2017.

Parts like the following;
  • Continuous Hot melt laser filters (Erema, Fimic, MAS, Ettlinger..)
  • Water Jackets on extruders and blown film lines
  • Air and dust filters
  • Heat Exchangers and condensers
  • Sintered filters
  • Anilox print rollers

These can all be restored to nearly new conditions with full functionality to keep your process lines running effectively and efficiently.

Using specialist equipment and various processes, Sonic Solutions restore your dirty parts to new, saving replacement cost, the hassles of in-house cleaning, and the time of process staff on unproductive tasks. Your skilled process staff hate cleaning, don’t have the right equipment, aren’t trained, and usually do it badly! This results in high parts replacement costs, frequent process downtime, and poor quality

To achieve outstanding results, the team uses various cleaning processes – thermal stripping, jet wash, chemical soak, ultrasonics, media blasting, and old-fashioned elbow grease.

You can clean your parts yourselves. Invest the various equipment, train your staff, take them off the process line, and eliminate the waste…

Or you can keep your staff doing what they are trained for and expert at and outsource your cleaning to cleaning specialists. Make significant savings on replacement parts and cleaning equipment (often tens of thousands), avoid your staff being taken off production, and avoid all the health and safety, not to mention the environmental issues associated with cleaning chemicals and waste.

See Sonic Solutions at Interplas, stand A40T in Hall 4. Tell us about your dirty parts, arrange a free trial clean, AND get entered in a prize draw for a stay at a luxury spa with your partner!

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