Weedon Corrugated Products Launches New Range of Pallet Boxes

Weedon Corrugated Products of Audenshaw, Manchester, has introduced a new range of pallet boxes which offer a heavy-duty corrugated packaging solution for the transportation of bulk products or for long-term storage.

The packaging is ideally suited for the plastics industry including the transportation of raw materials (granules etc.), industrial plastics such as piping, plastic packaging (bottles, boxes etc.) and plastic components for the automotive or aeronautical industries. Compared with wooden alternatives, these corrugated boxes offer significant benefits in terms of cost, ease of use and environmental protection.

The new range includes:

  • Octabins – stackable and ideal for the transportation and storage of bulk cargo such as granular, powder and other loose-fill products (e.g. plastic granules). Octabins are available in standard sizes or bespoke, with the option of discharge points or an inner sleeve to protect extreme loads.
  • XXL export boxes – for large or awkwardly shaped products such as components or larger moulded products, or simply for creating larger packs to provide transit and storage efficiencies.
  • Integrated pallet packs – with the pack and pallet designed as one unit to provide additional strength and convenience. The range includes standard European pallet sizes or packs tailor-made to the customer’s exact requirements.

Because the efficient use of the right materials can also reduce costs, Weedon Corrugated Products offers a range of different pallet box styles and board grades to suit specific needs, with expert guidance from its in-house structural design team.

The pallet boxes can also be printed if required, to add branding or identification marks.

John Weedon, Managing Director of Weedon Corrugated Products, commented:

“Our new range of pallet boxes is designed to be strong enough to meet the physical requirements of the supply chain, whether goods are shipped by road or air. And, with our in-house structural designers to select the optimum style and board grade for each job, we can ensure goods arrive in perfect condition.

“As part of our ongoing expansion plan, Weedon Corrugated Products is investing in new equipment to meet growing export markets. Our new casemaker, which is expected to be up and running by April, for example, will make short work of these larger, heavier boxes.”

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