What Did 2017 Bring for Impact Solutions?

Wondering what 2018 will bring?  Well if the last 12 months is anything to go by, it will certainly keep Impact Solutions busy on their toes.

Customers often come to Impact with problematic plastic products and have no idea what type of testing is required in order to solve their plastic issues.  Impact have received many weird and wonderful enquires this year.  Some of which include testing the stickiness of marshmallows, analysis of sausage skins and analysis of a thick fishtank made from an acrylic glass material.  It can take a considerable amount of thinking outside of the box but Impact are lucky to have a team full of industry experienced, unique and specialised people.

As a UKAS and ISO 17025 accredited testing facility, no. 0402, Impact Solutions already has the capabilities to test products to an extensive array of thermal, mechanical and environmental test standards. This year alone, they have added further accelerated weathering testing to their capabilities as well as introduced a Scottish Plastic Recycling Centre of Excellence and Impact Innovations services. As their capabilities continue to grow, nine times out of ten, Impact Solutions will not turn you away without being able to advise who can help you out.

Scottish Plastic Recycling Centre of Excellence

The Scottish Plastic Recycling Centre of Excellence launched earlier on in the year. Impact saw the problem of diverse waste streams, making it difficult for manufacturers to know what is in the recycled material which they are buying.  By providing independent technical support, testing and certification services to recyclers, compounders and manufacturers, material analysis and standardisation across the recycling supply chains.  This will give manufacturers reliable technical information they need to use secondary feedstocks in their products.  Through acting as a technical link between recyclers and manufacturers, Impact’s Centre of Excellence will increase the quality and quantity of recycled material in the market, growing the circular economy and enabling more diverse waste streams to be used in end products.

Impact Innovations

Launched in late 2017, Impact Innovations provides help at each stage of the innovation journey, bringing together completely different sectors and skills to drive new innovation in products, technologies and materials.  The product development and technology incubator works with startups and and R&D focused companies to develop their ideas from concept through to commercialisation.  Impact Innovations can be involved at any stage of the process.  If you are only looking for help with grant funding, there are grant experts who will help write and apply for finding on your behalf.  Do you have an idea for a product, material or technology, email Impact’s Innovation Programme Manager, Tom Rose via info@impact-innovations.co.uk.

Impact Recycling

Impact Recycling, their sister company, have recently bought a recycling plant in Newcastle, which is due to open early 2018.  If you have any questions regarding recycling, contact james@impact-recycling.co.uk.

The year 2017 has proved an exciting one for Impact Solutions, especially with new services and ventures making their mark.  As they continue to grow and develop, who knows the full extent of where their services and capabilities will take them in 2018.  If you would like any further information on any of the sectors mentions, don’t hesitate to get in contact via phone on +44 (0) 1324 489182 or email info@impact-solutions.co.uk.

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