Why ‘Customer Focus’ is the First Principle of ISO 9001 Quality Management

ForeFront Certification explains how poor customer service can critically harm your business and how ISO Standards can give your customers confidence.

Good Customer Service Is Vital

Generally, every person who makes a complaint would share their displeasure with around 20 others, or so the saying goes.

Technology and smartphones allow virtually instant news and updates at our fingertips. For example, suggestions for dining out or entertainment, and the likes of TripAdvisor where users can post their opinion, reviews or complaints, and others can read it.

So, depending on the complainant, displeasure may meet the attention of more than 20 — many, many more.

Imagine a celebrity blogger with millions of followers, who experienced disappointment with your product or service, then wrote a negative article or produced a vlog (video blog) about their experience with your product. Possibly, irreversible damage in an instant.

One prime example was United Airways. Their baggage handlers broke a guitar belonging to a celebrity singer. After his efforts failed to gain any remuneration or even flight vouchers to the value of the repairs, he wrote a song about his experience. This song led to millions of views, and people were boycotting United Airlines.

It is therefore critical that we manage complaints quickly and professionally when we work in any industry, especially in quality-driven manufacturing sectors.

How does an ISO Certification help?

ISO standards communicate to us that a company is benefiting from extra engagement and support with their customers by understanding their customers’ needs and expectations. Engaging with the customer is one of the core principles of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

ISO9001:2015 is the internationally recognised quality management system for structuring an organisation to improve business efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. Therefore, gaining an ISO accreditation gives your customers assurance that your procedures and processes are continually assessed and approved, and your business operates with customer service as a fundamental principle.

ISO Certification through ForeFront Certification gives you and your customers peace of mind, and adds value, not cost, to your business.


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