A.P.P. & Bausano: 20 Years of Excellence in PVC Transformation

Australian Plastic Profiles (A.P.P.) continues its twenty-year collaboration with Bausano for the transformation of plastic materials to guarantee the high performance of its production departments.

For more than 40 years, A.P.P. has been one of the major industrial companies in Australia, with six distribution centres across the country, two of which in the region it is situated in, New South Wales. A.P.P. owes its success to the constant investments in the most advanced automation and tools technologies, which allow the company to produce more than 100 tons of PVC tubes and profiles per day for different applications such as hydraulic, electrical, and civil engineering.

PVC is the most commonly used polymer in the world, a thermoplastic material which, over time, has proven to be a valid alternative to traditional construction products such as clay, wood and metal. Many advantages stem from its implementation: it is sturdy and resistant to atmospheric agents, corrosion, mechanical stresses, and wear, regardless of its relatively light weight, which facilitates transport and installation. Moreover, it guarantees maximum versatility in terms of shapes and colours, economic sustainability, and efficiency over time. Its life cycle features superior integrity levels, compared to other types of tubes, in the long term.

Peter Chivers, Manufacturing Manager at Australian Plastic Profiles, said:

We are proud of our quality products, achieved thanks to Bausano’s specialised staff and the excellence of their extruders.

With this company, we have developed a first-class partnership, over years of collaborations and challenges tackled together, as a team, creating never-before-seen solutions.

The new extrusion lines fully satisfy our needs, also thanks to the innovative systems that are the core of Bausano’s high-tech solutions.”

Therefore, in order to meet A.P.P.’s requirement for constant performance 24/7 for 50 weeks of the year, Bausano’s extruders, exported across the world, are equipped with the exclusive Multidrive, Smart Energy and Digital Extruder Control 4.0 technologies.

The Multidrive Patent is a transmission system that reduces stress on motor shafts, gears and screws thanks to the tightening torque strain being distributed on two pairs of motors, thus resulting in a higher power on screws, equal to the power delivered, with a positive impact in terms of both precision and energy savings. Compared to traditional systems, the distribution of motion also reduces the likelihood of faults due to excessive stress on mechanical components, which ensures a longer average service life of the machine.

Bausano’s Smart Energy System

Another plus of Bausano’s solutions is the innovative Smart Energy System for contactless cylinder heating through an alternating electromagnetic field, resulting in a significant reduction in wear and energy savings of up to 35%. Finally, the new Digital Extruder Control 4.0, with its capacitive multitouch panoramic screen, performs continuous screening of the entire system by processing reports and graphs in real-time in order to easily and precisely analyse extrusion parameters and consumption at each stage of the production cycle.

Bausano’s added value is its excellent technical support and unrivalled spare parts service, which guarantee proven reliability of the plants over time. Choosing Bausano as a partner for our extrusion processes is one of the best business decisions that the company has ever made,” concludes Peter Chivers.

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