ALBIS PLASTIC Presents a Comprehensive Product Portfolio at NPE 2018

ALBIS PLASTIC, a global distributor and compounder of technical thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers, will present its portfolio of high-performance plastics, compound solutions and masterbatches at NPE 2018 in Orlando, Florida, USA from May 7 to 11 (ALBIS booth S25127) in Orange County Convention Center.

ALBIS Americas has its manufacturing facility in Duncan, South Carolina, where it produces a wide range of cutting-edge compound solutions and masterbatches. Major product highlights include ALTECH® ECO (Near-to-Prime® Recycled Compounds), ALCOM® Lighting and ALPERFORM® Lighting product lines as well as WIC PP and WIC PA (carbon fibre compounds for lightweight construction applications). Many OEM approvals and specifications are held in automotive, healthcare, household goods and E&E sectors.

Stefan Fuhlendorf, President & CEO of ALBIS Plastics Corporation, says, “We have been in the USA for more than 50 years. In 2017 we strengthened our presence by installing a plant at our Duncan site. This enables us to offer our NAFTA based customers local production using global specifications. We are really looking forward to present our latest products at NPE.”

This will include ALTECH® ECO, as we respond to the increasing demand for recycled plastics, the need to limit the use of fossil resources and more and more environmentally conscious consumers all resulting in the wider use of recycled materials. ALTECH® ECO compounds with a recycled content of up to 100% meet this demand and are used engine covers, valve covers, air-inlet housing and UV resistant light housing. They are characterized by a positive ecological balance, “Near-to-Prime®” quality, tailor-made features, cost efficiency and good workability.

ALCOM® LDX HTC: These light-diffusing compounds made on base of a copolyester have an outstanding degree of light transmission and diffusion as well as excellent chemical and impact resistance. They are ideal as light covers in challenging environmental conditions such as animal sheds, commercial kitchens or industrial facilities. They can be used for extrusion and injection moulding applications.

ALPERFORM® LD and LDX-Batch are flexible and cost-effective solutions for light diffusing colouring of polycarbonate and PMMA. They enable a quick and simple adaptation of optical properties by individual dosing within the handling process to optimize transmission and light diffusion, to increase light efficiency and to prevent annoying hot-spots.

The ALPERFORM® LB-Batch is brand-new. This masterbatch solution also enables flexible dosing but stands out for its high cost efficiency in the self-colouring of ABS and PC for highly reflective and opaque components, including lamp housings and extrusion profiles for linear LED applications.

ALCOM® TCD PA6 5060 FR 16089 and ALCOM® TCD PA6 5070 FR 15021 WT are thermally conductive and electrically insulating polyamide 6 based compounds used for efficient heat management. They significantly improve the service life and efficiency of LED applications and are fire retardant in line with UL 94 V-0.

Two silver-grey metallic colours have been developed, based on the thermally conductive ALCOM® TCD PA6 5060 which are suitable for thermally conductive decorative elements or as “cool touch” housing components, for example.

Compounds based on recycled carbon fibre from CFRP production remnants in the automotive and aviation industries is another new technology with great potential. The product ranges WIC PP and WIC PA could replace relatively heavy highly-concentrated glass fibre PA compounds with lighter PP CF compounds. The weight reduction is huge, up to 30 percent.

At the same time the PP carbon fibre components are more cost-effective due to their lower density and taking volume prices into account.

“We are happy to explain the performance of our products at our booth in detail. We are looking forward to welcoming interested visitors, customers and business partners there.” says Fuhlendorf.

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