ANSYS Launches Discovery Live for Instantaneous Simulation

ANSYS Discovery Live is the first ever simulation environment that provides real-time answers to engineering challenges.

Designed to be used by engineers without the need for simulation knowledge, ANSYS Discovery Live enables the performance of up to 1,000 simulations in 10 minutes by utilising your own CAD geometry or building models from scratch. Click here for a short introduction.

So simple to use, no training is required. However, you can contact Wilde Analysis with any questions during your evaluation and let them know what you think of this quantum leap forward in simulation technology.

Currently available free of charge as a technology preview, ANSYS Discovery Live fits into ANSYS’ 3D design family of products and is complementary to ANSYS SpaceClaim and ANSYS AIM.


Try ANSYS Discovery Live for free on your own PC or online.

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