Attention Quality Managers! Stotto Has Thought of You…

Stotto HunterLab UK & Ireland have helped industrial plastic manufacturers solve colour and appearance related issues since 1987. The senior management team have taken time out to write a useful book aimed at Quality Managers and their staff.

The book will help people that are interested in learning more about the colour and appearance of their products.

From the back page:

In a world divided by opinion, where perfection is the most sought-after commodity and quality issues are met with extreme distaste, a group of heroes known to mankind as the Quality Managers are on a mission to make the world a better place.

On their adventures they encounter formidable foes, including the sinister Supplier Specifications, and confront the obstacles they face armed with nothing but their desire for improvement.

They engage in many battles and face many trials but, through their superior knowledge of colour and appearance, they work tirelessly to bring about the reign of excellence and demise of imperfection.

Travel with the Quality Managers as they gather knowledge of colour and appearance. Join them in their fight against flaws and their dual against defects and cheer them on as they win the war against inadequacies.

If you would like to receive a complimentary copy please drop the Stotto team an email ( or visit their profile page on PlastikCity.

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