Bausano Launches Virtual Factory Tour

Bausano is throwing open its virtual doors once again with unprecedented access to its Italian extrusion headquarters, offering an exciting opportunity to discover more about Bausano technology.

This immersive tour will enable customers to experience first-hand the innovations that allow Bausano to create versatile, fully customisable extrusion lines.

The tour starts with an introduction to Bausano and its headquarters in Northern Italy. Customers will then explore the design department, where Bausano technicians conduct analysis of each project and all components are completely custom-designed. When the characteristics and quality of the customer’s final product depend so heavily upon these components including the profile and geometry of the screw, nothing is left to chance. This attention to detail is the defining characteristic that gives such a competitive advantage to Bausano customers, providing higher performance, energy savings, less waste and better quality.

Next is the Bausano workshop, where the screws, barrels and patented multi-drive system are brought to life and tailored to match each request. This can only be done with the care and precision of an in-house Bausano production process, honed over three generations.

Patented all over the world, the multi-drive system is what makes Bausano so distinctive. This totally innovative design, where the transmission of motion occurs via the sub-division of the driving torques, the multi-drive system allows for the elimination of the torsional effort on the drive shafts and a 4-point division of force, resulting in increased power and a reduction of the overall energy consumption of the extruder by 30%.

The tour then encompasses the assembly area, where the extrusion lines are customised and take shape. With front row seats, customers can learn about the characteristics of Bausano extruders, including multi-drive system and made in Italy reducers; robust, reliable components; variable pitch screws with variable geometries and intuitive PLC function, to name but a few.

The tour concludes in the test area – an entire department dedicated to vigorous testing and quality control, which forms a vital part of the overall Bausano customer experience.

Follow this link to sign up and be sure to click the ‘Virtual Experience’ button at the top of the page.

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