Boost Your Online Marketing with our SEO Starter Kit

SEO is a complex discipline comprising many different components – so where do you start?

There’s no universal approach, but my initial advice is start with the greatest need for your website, and then work through each of the key elements.

This “Starter Kit” will focus on four of those key elements. If you’ve just launched your new website, or recently started to dabble in SEO, this will give your online marketing a substantial boost.

1)          Optimise tags

The work of an SEO expert mainly revolves around keyword research and quality on-page content. However, it will take a long time to complete a detailed optimisation of every page of your website. Optimising these several main tags will give you a flying start:

–   Meta title tag

–   Meta description tag

–   Image alt tags

–   H1 heading tag

The tags on each page should be specific to the content of that particular page – if you simply paste the same tags onto all of your pages, your rankings won’t improve.

2)          Increase your speed

A fast website vastly improves user experience – search engines know this, which is why their algorithms are putting increasingly more emphasis on site speed.

If you’ve never approached this, there will be a few adjustments that could significantly boost your speed. If any of your pages take more than a few seconds to load, bump this task towards the top of your to-do list.

3)          Remove all duplicate content

Many websites have issues with duplicate content, particularly e-commerce sites. This can be due to products or pages being in multiple categories or filters, which can generate several URLs for one page of content.

Fixing issues with duplicate content can be a big job, but it’s certainly worth it. If you ignore duplicate content then all of your SEO work could be for nothing, as search engines will punish you for this. If you check it regularly then it will make the task a lot easier.

4)          Be mobile-friendly

Mobile website use has made significant gains recently – so much so that search engine algorithms now include a large penalty for non-mobile-friendly sites.

If your website users have a bad mobile experience, your search engine rankings suffer and you will inevitably lose visitors. Additionally, you could see lower conversion rates from those who do find you.

If you’re unsure whether your website is mobile-friendly, take Google’s mobile-friendly test.

Good SEO isn’t about chasing quick wins, but these points will give you a good starting block. This will give you a solid foundation to begin building the rest of your online marketing.

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