The Boot Buddy Cleans up at Horners Winning the Bottlemakers’ Award

The Boot Buddy has won the Horners Bottlemakers’ “gong” as a creative innovation to clean muddy footwear. Judges awarded Boot Buddy Ltd with the prize because of the technical innovation used in its manufacturing process, and minimal water usage in their efficient boot cleaning product.

Using just 300ml of water, the Boot Buddy features a brush for cleaning and provides an easy-grip suitable for all ages and hand sizes, controlling water flow via the bottle to the boot. The bottle was made using a novel technique – using two calibration pins to mould the special shape of the neck.

Meanwhile, Garçon Wines’ rPET Flat Bottle, manufactured by RPC M&H Plastics, is this year’s highly commended product. Dubbed ‘wine for the Amazon generation’, the bottle’s flat shape makes this wine the perfect letterbox gift. Each rPET Flat Bottle is 87% lighter than traditional glass bottles, whilst also able to withstand the rigorous mail order process.

Chairman of the Worshipful Company of Horners Awards Committee, David Williams states: “The winners of the Horners Bottlemakers’ Award, Boot Buddy, demonstrate how plastic bottle design can be used to solve everyday problems – the Boot Buddy is an efficient way to clean mud off shoes; something all of us has needed at some point. We were also very impressed with the rPET Flat Bottle for its technical achievement producing such a narrow bottle that it fits through a letterbox! The light weight of this bottle means it has sustainability advantages compared to heavier, traditional glass wine bottles.”

Boot Buddy Ltd was presented its award by the City of London Lord Mayor Locum Tenens, Alderman, Sir Andrew Palmley at the annual Horners Banquet on Tuesday 2nd October at Mansion House, London.

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