Colourmaster NIP to Sell Biosphere Biodegradable Additive in the UK and Ireland

Colourmaster NIP Ltd have recently tied up with US based BioSphere Plastic LLC, to distribute their biodegradable additive in the UK and Ireland.

BioSphere biodegradable plastic additive is a unique, easy to use, additive package which rapidly enhances the ability of plastic to biodegrade when added to polymers. It works in both anaerobic and aerobic systems. The additive has been tested against, and complies with, several international standards for biodegradation including ASTM D5526 & ASTM D5511, for anaerobic systems, and ASTM D5338/ISO 17088 for aerobic systems.

Scientifically proven to break plastic products down completely and return them to nature in a short period of time, BioSphere is the fastest acting biodegradable additive on the market today.

A 1% addition of the additive masterbatch can increase the rate of degradation of a plastic product by 100-200 times when compared to unmodified plastics and works in all major resin types including PET, PP, PS, and PE.

BioSphere additive is food safe and will not change the physical properties of the plastic part in normal use, enabling products to maintain their normal shelf life and mechanical strength, whilst benefitting from much enhanced biodegradation.

The additive works by enhancing the level of hydrophilicity in the plastic part which allows acids, secreted naturally by microbes, to soften the macromolecules within plastic. Microbes are then able to consume these macromolecules much more quickly than normal, resulting in much faster biodegradation occurring.

In anaerobic systems, such as landfills, the plastic is turned into CH4, CO2, biomass, and water.

In aerobic systems, such as compost facilities, CO2, biomass, and water are produced.

Definition of Biodegradable:

Biodegradable means the total breakdown of a product (by microorganisms) to something found in nature. For more information visit Colourmaster NIP’s web page.

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