Coral Products (Mouldings) Investing in the Future

Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd have recently bought a closed-circuit cooling tower system with a centralised adiabatic cooling system from IsoCool Ltd.

After working closely with IsoCool, Coral reflected on their proposal on how the energy efficiency of the Haydock site would be improved. The decision was made to install the cooling system, which will improve efficiency and remove the risk of legionnaires disease.

The detailed projections provided by IsoCool illustrated that Coral could see a reduction in annual running costs of £202,000 per annum, with a return on investment of less than two years.

The installation of the system will reduce water consumption and water treatment cost. In addition to the closed-circuit cooling tower system, IsoCool have also replaced the multiple chilled water system, with a centralised modular chilled water plant complete with ISO/FC energy saving device. This links the mould cooling system indirectly to the new hydraulic system.

Mick Wood, CEO at Coral Products (Mouldings), said:

“Clearly this is a significant move to make our company more efficient and cost effective within our production environment. I was impressed by the care taken by IsoCool in exploring all our options to achieve this.

“Coral Products (Mouldings) are making improvements to achieve goals and invest in our future.”

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