CyTec UK’s Range of Core-Pulling Cylinders Set to Upgrade

CyTec-UK has provided the moulding industry with high-quality core pull cylinders for over 25 years, and ahead of a major upgrade to its CyPull product range, Company Director, Brian Taylor explains what sets CyTec’s cylinders apart from the competition.

CyTec-UK, a subsidiary of the German CyTec Zylindertechnik GmbH, has been working reliably with their high-quality core pull cylinders for more than 25 years, supplying the UK and Irish tooling and injection moulding industry for technical plastic parts in the automotive, electrical and medical industries.

Later this year, CyTec-UK have planned a major upgrade of its CyPull range of locking core pull cylinders. The upgraded technology used in these new cylinders means that it is possible to hold far higher forces with smaller sized cylinders. This offers the designer space-saving opportunities while maintaining the high technical advantages offered by CyTec locking cylinders, with no compromise in quality or safety.

Contrary to a variety of locking systems, CyTec developed a variant that incorporates three advantages in one solution. Move, Pre-load and Locking. Developed over 20 years ago, there is no locking point but always a locking device. “Power without pressure” is the motto of the CyTec engineers.

Tools breathe, bolts stretch, and parts are subject to tolerances. CyTec is the only provider which compensates for these variables.

What is Preload?

The concept of pre-load is often confusing for our customers, although it is important to understand the benefits when designing injection mould tools. The CyTec interlocking system is the only cylinder that works according to the principle of an automatic screw powered by pressure. The result is the same, converts into a force and self-locking holding power.

By introducing preload to our locking cylinders when holding side cores in place on injection mould tools, it allows for stretching of the mounting bolts and bedding in of cores, and it is also critical for longer side cores to be over 100mm length. According to the specific force technology, strokes over 100mm – 500mm can also be realised. Another application is floating cores against each other. These complex applications are easily realised by using this system, making it possible to implement a tube fitting with deflection cores easily using locking cylinders.

We have seen many applications where after a small running period, the cores bed in and a small adjustment must be made. This is very easy with CyTec locking cylinders and we offer several easy methods for cylinder adjustment.

Please note that unlike other manufacturers’ cylinders we have tested, altering pre-load does not lower the holding force. There is no requirement to maintain hydraulic pressure during operation.

Imitators keep trying to produce simpler systems without understanding the complex difficulties involved, resulting in a low-quality imitation. Often customers only realise after a certain time how complex the task is, and what great know-how and security are behind CyTec’s solution.

The use of locking cylinders for core pull applications demands flash free product between the core and the main shape. Especially for visible parts such as household appliances and car parts. To prevent these errors from occurring on the component, the applications can be checked using FEM analysis at the customer’s request. Should after a certain run-in period, flash becomes noticeable, it is possible to adjust the cylinders via the pre-tensioning system.

CyTec offers more than 40 different standard models, so designers will have the ideal solution for every core size, and CyTec’s sales engineers are available to give guidance and advice on cylinder selection and mounting via the company website.

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