CyTec Systems Expands its Range of CPC Units

Due to high demand, CyTec Systems UK has announced that it can now supply larger sizes in its popular hydraulic cylinder test station, the CPC unit.

The CPC test station is a useful piece of equipment which tests hydraulic cylinders are operating correctly. It is primarily designed for use in toolrooms and maintenance areas and can be easily wheeled to any location.

The movement of the cylinder can be managed with a manual handle, and the pressure can be set according to the specific requirements. The CPC test station is available with different flow rates and maximum working pressure. It can also be supplied with larger tanks.

Brian Taylor, Director at CyTec Systems UK, commented:

“We have had many requests over the last few years for a portable hydraulic power pack for use in toolrooms. Up to last year, we were unable to supply any units. After discussions with one of our suppliers, Ermanno Balzi, they confirmed that they had also received many requests for such a unit, and decided to build a small standard unit. This has proved popular, and now we are able to supply units with larger tank capacity and flow rates.”

There are four sizes available, ranging between:
• CPC flow rate 5L/min with max. pressure 150 bar, comes with a 30L tank; and
• CPC P200 PO15 flow rate 15L/min with max. pressure 200 bar, comes with a 50L tank.

Two other sizes are also available. For more information, get in touch with CyTec Systems UK below.

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