Design 4 Plastics Bring Ski Training Aid to Life

Design 4 Plastics helped start-up company SkiA develop their launch product from an initial idea for a “dry-land” based ski training aid to a production reality.

The trainers fit onto all sizes of ski boot and help users learn essential balance skills that improve turning efficiency and develop better skiing technique. They include a series of different sized balance blocks that provide increasingly difficult challenges to teach perfect posture, promote dynamic movement and guide centred pivoting.

The foot plate component design cleverly combines a rigid platform with flexible sections that adjust to the shape of any boot.

Design 4 Plastics developed the design from initial concepts, through test rigs and fully detailed 3D CAD models, to working SLS prototypes for extensive performance testing. They designed the product packaging and sourced, supplied, and managed manufacture of the production tooling and finished boxed products from their network of partners.

SkiA’s company founder commented:

“Design 4 Plastics have been absolutely integral to the development of our first product. Quite simply, the SkiA Sweetspot Trainer would not have happened without them”

Since 1979 Design 4 Plastics product design and development consultants have helped hundreds of companies transform ideas into innovative and successful new products. Their experience of innovation in diverse markets and talent for creative lateral thinking brings fresh insights to a project. This, combined with their expertise in many manufacturing processes, ensures that you receive the best possible advice to bring products cost effectively to market.

If you have an idea for a new product and are unsure of what to do next, or require expert advice on a specific development stage, contact Design 4 Plastics below.

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