ELTEC Warns of Compressed Air Leaks Cost

Compressed air leaks could be costing you over £1,000 a month, warns ELTEC, a leading service provider in identifying and reducing wasted energy. 

It is not unusual for >35% of a compressor’s generated air to be lost to air leaks. Compressed air leak surveys are conducted with an SDT270 ultrasonic device. The technique is not intrusive and does not stop machines. ELTEC can provide a survey-only service, or a find & fix service to get a quick ROI.

Bryan Elwick, owner of ELTEC, says:

“In most cases, 50+ leaks are found during a survey, and generally it only takes several of those leaks to be repaired to cover the cost of the survey.”

ELTEC are currently running a promotion to receive a free hydraulic accumulator survey* with compressed air leak surveys. Visit their website to find out more.

Contact bryan@elwicks.co.uk or call 07961 033715 for more details.

*Please see website for more details.

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