Syringe and Pipette Production with Hot Runner Systems – Optimised Concepts Increase Efficiency

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AUTHOR: Henning Becker – Head of Marketing, EWIKON Hot Runner Systems GmbH

Introducing the HPS III-MH111 multi-tip nozzle from EWIKON, a slimline hot runner solution specially designed for syringe and pipette production.

To meet the increased demand for syringes and pipettes, production has been ramped up worldwide. Efficient and high-performing precision moulds are required with up to 128 cavities. High repeatability, perfect gating points and minimum downtime are a necessity. In most of these cases, direct side gating is the method of choice. For optimum mould performance, selecting hot runner components is just as crucial as the maintenance-optimised mould design.

With the HPS III-MH111 multi-tip nozzle, EWIKON offers a slimline solution specially designed for syringe and pipette production. Compared to conventional concepts, the mould maker has significantly more installation space between the nozzle body and the article contour. This can be used to integrate an optimised surrounding part cooling and effective cavity venting. Both factors enable particularly efficient production thanks to reduced cycle times and improved cavity filling. The proven tip exchange technology allows for the greatest possible ease of maintenance. Tips can easily be removed and replaced on the machine from the parting line without dismantling the mould.

Another special feature is the two-part design of the nozzle. The main nozzle is available in different lengths to adapt to any part size. It is supplied with melt by transfer nozzle. This is installed under the manifold and provides a leak-proof seal with the main nozzle at the face side. Due to the separation of the main nozzle and the transfer nozzle, this concept allows for particularly maintenance-friendly mould designs which can be realised in two versions.

The first version integrates all main nozzles, including the complete wiring into a separate nozzle retainer plate. The contour plate is attached to this before the tip inserts are installed. If a nozzle needs to be replaced, this can be done very easily. After removing the nozzle holding plate the contour plate package and dismantling the relevant nozzle tips, the nozzle to be replaced can easily be pulled backwards out of the plate without having to dismantle the tips of the remaining nozzles. The electrical connection between the plates is disconnected by using a plug system.

Version 2

In the second version, each main nozzle is installed in a separate custom-made cavity block with its own cooling layout. Using a suitable centring device, these blocks are screwed directly into an intermediate plate. The coolant is supplied via this intermediate plate. The electrical supply is also integrated in the intermediate plate. Each cavity block is connected separately via a connector plug. In case of a necessary nozzle change or a cavity fault, the entire block is exchanged from the parting line. For this purpose, a certain number of ready-assembled cavity blocks, including the hot runner nozzle can be kept in stock for replacement. Although this variant is particularly effective in reducing downtimes, it must be considered that all replacement cavity blocks must also be validated.

Both versions have been successfully used in customer applications. Thanks to the aforementioned tip technology, a simple exchange of the nozzle tips can of course be carried out at any time with minimal time expenditure, regardless of the version used.

The HPS III-MH111 side injection nozzle represents the ideal solution for the syringe and pipette production and other suitable applications. Combined with fully balanced EWIKON manifold technology and precise PRO CONTROL control technology, efficient and process-reliable high cavity mould designs can be easily realised. Furthermore, the optional use of the EWIKON smart CONTROL assistance system for complete process monitoring allows for full integration of mould and hot runner into the networked injection moulding production and helps to increase process reliability further.

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