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Exceptional control characteristics, extensive connectivity and smart operation – the new control technology from GÜNTHER.

GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology, a leader in hot and cold runner technology, will be presenting a new control technology at K, the world’s most crucial plastic and rubber industry trade fair, in Düsseldorf between October 19 and 26, 2022.

K 2022 Preview

Precise, high-performance control technology maximises productivity and production quality in hot runner systems.  What’s more, precise temperature control produces a positive effect on processing and part quality.

The primary goals during the development of the new GÜNTHER control technology comprised optimum control characteristics, extensive connectivity and intelligent operation. The technology also needed to be compact in dimension and form the basis for future upgrades while being price-sensitive. These goals have been fully attained with the new blueMaster controller series. The new temperature control units in the blueMaster series are being launched on the market in their blueMaster compact and blueMaster pro versions first.

The blueMaster compact 3 (three control circuits) and blueMaster close 6 (six control circuits) are designed as control units for smaller applications or services. Both teams feature adaptive control optimisation, i.e. the unit adjusts its control behaviour to the connected load with no need for the user to intervene.  Consequently, PID parameters no longer require adjustment. Control remains stable, even under tiny loads. Four operating modes are available per zone – adjust, management, master mode and monitor.

Intuitive operation of control units from any location using an app can increase resource efficiency in the industry.  GÜNTHER has also developed an app to operate in complex situations that is simple to use, even for users without training in injection moulding. Operation is intuitive thanks to a user-oriented intro with comprehensive explanations, assistance functions and a temperature indicator that is easier for the user to interpret.

We already have modern interfaces in our pockets or under our arms. We can use smartphones or tablets with ease. So why not simply use your phone to operate the controller?” asks Christoph Münch, Project Manager for Control Technology at GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology. “All measurement data can also be uploaded to a cloud swiftly and securely and then used for documentation or a more detailed evaluation.

Premium controller for 24(+) control zones

GÜNTHER will showcase four new blueMaster pro variants for reliable control of complex hot runner systems at the trade fair. These units are suitable for 6 to 24 control circuits. They can be operated directly on the team or in a browser. Conventional tabletop controllers with a built-in display have a comprehensive range of functions. They can also be used in a browser on a tablet and on the seven-inch display. No built-in display is required here. Control via a control panel is also perfectly possible.

The system is connected to the network via Ethernet or wireless LAN. An assistance wizard not only helps to set up new moulds; it also provides group management of systems with multi-component applications or a high number of drops, for example, and much more.

One key to networking temperature control is data interface standardisation. The new blueMaster pro hot runner regulator series fully supports Euromap 82.2. This standard defines the interface for data exchange between injection moulding machines and hot runner regulators. It is based on the OPC Unified Architecture interface (OPC UA), a communication standard for secure, reliable data exchange in industrial automation.

Christoph Münch:  “With the new premium controllers in the blueMaster pro series, we are opening up new possibilities for users as we move towards Industry 4.0, and we go far beyond conventional smart control service. We will present more detailed information on the blueMaster control series to the public at K 2022 at Booth C44/Hall 1.


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