IMCD & Eastman’s Copolymer to Advance Medical World

Eastman and distributor IMCD have been working closely together to get their state-of-the-art Eastman Tritan™ copolyester products to manufacturers of renal devices.

The use and manufacture of renal devices is extremely important as these devices replace some of the functions that the kidneys would usually do for themselves, such as blood purification, fluid removal and restoring the balance of electrolytes in the blood. However, recently there has been an influx of premature cracking and breakage in renal device housings which not only presents an economic challenge for hospitals, clinics, and device manufacturers it also presents confidence and safety concerns for patients.

Tritan™ once processed has glass-like clarity and toughness providing quality and peace of mind for healthcare professionals and patients. With these renal housings made from Tritan™, nurses will be able to see membranes more clearly, doctors will have greater confidence in detecting air bubbles or blood leakage during treatment and most of all – the clarity, colour, and functional integrity of the device is not compromised after sterilisation by gamma or e-beam radiation.

Eastman is not only disrupting the medical market with its innovation and creativity but is also making it a place where medical professionals can excel through polymer breakthrough technologies.

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