LPC Components’ Collaboration is Cutting Edge Stuff

A prominent North East Company are paving the way with their robotic lawnmowers. Imagine freeing up your time and energy, and instead of slogging away to get the perfect lawn like Peter at number 23, you can watch your lawn be manicured to perfection. It’s that simple.

The robotic lawnmower has the following key features:

–  Automatic charging – it docks itself!
–  Covers all garden shapes.
–  Daily mowing & mulching setting means no grass cuttings.
–  Safety – highly sensitive sensor & stop button & lift sensor which stops blades if picked up.
–  Ideal for slopes – up to 25% gradient.
–  Security – pin number to use & an alarm if moved.

LPC Components’ worked with this company, providing infra-red heating elements used in the powder coating process, when they are painted in their signature orange colour.

LPC are proud to be involved in this innovative product. If you are engaged in product development and need an experienced partner to help optimise your manufacturing process, visit their website to contact them.

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