LVS QMS Invests in the Latest 3D Printing Equipment

Following the recent purchase of a hand-held digital scanner, Telford based LVS Quality Measurement Services has subsequently invested in an Ultimaker-S5 3D printing system.

Whether directly from data acquired by the scanner or from their own or customer CAD files, LVS QMS can now manufacture an accurate physical representation of any product.

Typical applications will include:

  • Reverse engineering projects; once CAD designs are produced they can be fully rendered for design verification.
  • Production of prototype components, for example, when developing new components for clients of sister company LVS Small Plastic Parts
  • The production of accurately scaled models, allowing clients to visualise a large, fully assembled item
  • The production of fixtures to aid in the measurement of difficult to mount and orientate components. The company can now design and manufacture the ideal solution for use with their in-house CMM
  • Items such as nests, jigs and fixtures can be designed and rapidly produced for customers that carry out complex assembly tasks

The Ultimaker-S5 is a ‘flagship’ model that has been further enhanced by the addition of specialist production modules.  The unit has a generous build area, which is served by a material station and air quality management system.

Ultimaker S5 ProThe material station can house six spools of filament in a humidity-controlled environment, while the air management module uses replaceable EPA filters that remove up to 95% of ultrafine particles (UFP’s).

Materials can be automatically changed, allowing components that combine different material grades and colours to be produced on a ‘lights out’ basis.  The variety of material options available is immense, including a wide range of polymers in both virgin and recycled grades, as well as specialist reinforced and antimicrobial formulations.

Features such as advanced automatic levelling and an integrated camera that allows remote viewing, further help to promote 24-hour operation.

LVS QMS Operations Manager, Stuart Windsor, commented:

We are only just beginning to appreciate the full potential of this system, especially when used in combination with our state-of-the-art digital scanner.  We already undertake many reverse engineering projects, but can now provide a fully detailed representation of our completed work.”

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