Meet the Intouch Team and Receive a 60-Day Free Trial

Intouch Monitoring will be taking part in the BPF’s first ‘Meet the Equipment Suppliers’ event in October, sharing the latest developments of its innovative cloud-based production monitoring system. The event also coincides with the launch of Intouch’s first free 60-day trial, with more details available shortly.

Taking part in the BPF virtual event is a variety of suppliers to the plastics industry including monitoring, automation, testing equipment, processing and recycling machinery and many more. You will be able to book 20-minute one-to-one Zoom meetings between 10-12:00 on designated days with Intouch Director, John Hardwick.

The event coincides with the launch of Intouch’s first Free Trial. Further details on Intouch’s new 60-day free trial will be available on the Intouch website soon.

John will discuss with you your factory needs and how the Intouch i4 Cloud can help you increase productivity quickly using your existing resources.

The Intouch i4 Cloud is a scalable, immediately accessible subscription-based production and process monitoring system that starts saving you money and clarifying your production from the first day of implementation.

Harness the power of industry 4.0 to:

  •  Improve OEE
  •  Improve throughput
  •  Decrease downtime
  •  Increase profit
  •  Reduce energy consumption
  •  Improve quality

‘Since implementing the Intouch i4 Cloud, Monday morning start-up times have improved by 1 hour across all machines, cycle times have improved by 5-8%, uptime has been significantly improved and the real-time data has prompted us to buy a new machine and instantly we saw an increase of 30% in efficiency and cycle times and a reduction in power consumption too.’ – Plastics Parts Direct.

To book your place at the event please visit this link, then scroll down to Intouch and click on ‘Book Meeting’. If the time or date is not convenient, then please get in touch and we will reschedule for a more convenient time.

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