Meusburger Expands Their Range in Control Systems

With the newest product additions, Meusburger is expanding their control systems range in the area of workshop equipment. Three new pin assignments have been added for the tried and trusted hot runner controller profiTEMP+, which are now available at Meusburger directly from stock.

Everything from a single source

Since the merger of Meusburger and PSG under the umbrella of the Meusburger Group, both companies have been working hand in hand to expand the product range and offer the customers unique added value through the resulting synergy. This means that tried and trusted PSG products are now also available from stock at Meusburger.

profiTEMP+ Hot runner controller

With both innovative technology and space-saving design, the profiTEMP+ Hot runner controller from PSG is sure to impress. In addition to new intelligent functions like Smart Power Limitation (SPL) and MoldCheck, the tried and trusted features are further developed in the new hot runner controller. Due to the clearly designed 7“ multi-touch screen, easy and intuitive operation is guaranteed.

New pin assignments

PSG’s versatile standard pin assignment represents one of the most important standards in the hot runner sector, but many other versions and standards are also represented on the market.

In order to offer customers maximum flexibility for their existing systems, Meusburger has expanded their control systems range with three additional pin assignments, which are now available directly from stock.

The new pin assignments differ as follows:

  • Assignment 121: 24-pin, variable pin assignment

The assignment 121 efficiently combines thermocouple and heating cables in one cable. The construction is therefore comparable to the PSG standard assignment, however the arrangement of the individual zones differs.

  • Assignment 522: 24-pin, separate thermocouple and heating cables

In the assignment 522 the thermocouple and heating cables are connected to the control unit and hot runner with separate cables.

  • Assignment 620:- 16-pin, separate thermocouple and heating cables

The assignment 620 is also constructed with separate thermocouple and heating cables, but has 16 pins and corresponds to the EUROMAP 14” specifications.

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