Michael Hadfield Promotes UK Manufacturing Positivity on ITN Lunchtime News

Protool Plastic Group Managing Director, Michael Hadfield, appeared on ITN Lunchtime News this week, discussing UK manufacturing’s response to the COVID-19 crisis, and how the industry has pulled together in a time of need.

In an interview with journalist Nina Hossain, live on ITV’s lunchtime news on Tuesday, Michael Hadfield detailed how Protool Plastics Group have had to adapt to the ever-changing situation during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how UK manufacturing companies have put rivalries aside, to assist each other in sourcing materials, sharing designs, and aiding production.

Across its two sites, in Manchester and Hampshire, the Protool Plastics Group have supplied technical mouldings for over 30 years, and has also been producing breathing masks, helmets, and other safety equipment for industrial safety, and for firefighters, over this time period. This experience has allowed the company to pivot easily to aid the national manufacturing effort in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Despite this, the very quick ramp-up of demand has remained a challenge that has required the company to alter its working patterns in order to satisfy. Michael was quick to thank the effort of his staff, who have quickly adapted to a 24-hour, seven days a week production schedule, and have had to endure his assembly skills as he helps out on the shop floor!

The full interview can be viewed below:

Following the interview, Michael Hadfield commented: “After so much bad news it was great that Nina Hossain of ITN wanted to discuss the positives created by UK manufacturing and its response to the COVID 19 crisis.

“It was also good to thank my colleagues on air for their hard work during the crisis and also discuss how UK manufacturing has pulled together to help each other meet the needs of the country. From sharing intellectual property to sharing materials, the approach of companies across the UK has been heartwarming.”

After sharing the interview on LinkedIn, other members of the UK Manufacturing community were quick to praise Michael’s words and to echo his positivity about the future.

Fergus Hardie, Managing Director at Hardie Polymers, added: Very well done for getting this positive story out Michael. Those of us in the industry can see it clearly but the wider public need to better understand the capabilities of UK manufacturing.

Stephen Cooper, Director at Plastiserve Limited, said: Well done Michael Hadfield. An excellent interview highlighting the good news coming out of our industry.”

It certainly is refreshing to see positive coverage of the UK’s manufacturing effort from the mainstream media, and members of the industry are keen to see this trend continue and to spread the word to the public that UK-based manufacturing will help aid us out of this crisis. This is especially important as we look to the future of the industry, post-lockdown and beyond, as more and more businesses reopen, and we look to reignite the passion for UK-made products.

Michael concludes: “The number of schools and colleges making protective equipment is amazing and I hope that this inspires many students to look at manufacturing as a career path.

“The response from us all has shown the public that UK manufacturing is alive and kicking and we should all be proud of our efforts.”

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