New Robotic Developments from PCE Automation

PCE Automation Ltd has a long history of manufacturing side-entry robots for part take-out in both injection and blow moulding applications.

The Racer range of side-entry robots, for injection moulding, have a long history of reliable running on fast cycling packaging applications. Mould-open dwell times <0.4 seconds, and the capability of continuous running at 2 second cycle times are possible.

Over recent years PCE has broadened the development with incorporation of 6-axis robots, either for direct take-out or incorporation with a Racer Robot for additional functionality. PCE is now a recognised integration partner for both Staubli & Mitsubishi, as well as completing projects using Fanuc robots.

The MK5 Robot for injection single-stage blow moulding (ISBM), typically on Aoki or Nissei machines, is designed around a Mitsubishi 6-axis RV-4PLM. This gives ultimate flexibility regardless of container design or ejection profile. It also allows easy integration of secondary operations, such as leak testing, whilst retaining the containers on the robot. This is especially important for ‘tottles’ & hooked bottles that will not stand-up on a conveyor.

For injection moulding, PCE has added 6-axis robots for the latest in IML cells for both label handling to the Racer Robot and also for post-mould handling. In a further application, the 6-axis has been used for product stacking & re-pitching whilst the Racer Robot performs the demoulding.

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