Newsome Ltd Successfully Completes Installation of Vacuum Pump Chiller and Free Cooling Unit

Newsome Ltd Successfully Completes Installation of Vacuum Pump Chiller and Free Cooling Unit

Newsome has achieved a major milestone by successfully installing a state-of-the-art vacuum pump chiller and free cooling unit for a prominent global lithium chemicals manufacturer. This critical project, valued between £100,000 and £150,000, aimed to enhance the client’s cooling capacity, meeting their operational requirements effectively.

The client, a global leader in lithium chemicals, recognised the need to optimise their cooling capabilities and sought Newsome’s expertise for the installation of a vacuum pump chiller and free cooling unit. Newsome executed the project meticulously, ensuring the seamless integration of these essential components.

Newsome’s approach included the installation of a run and standby pump set external to the chillers. This selection ensured the capacity to handle the required flow rate and pressure effectively. The pump set chosen could handle a flow rate of 27.29 litres/second and a maximum operating pressure of 6.8 bar, based on a 25% glycol mix. Inverters and controls within the free cooler facilitated pump control.

Before installation commenced, Newsome collaborated with the client to establish project schedules and conducted a comprehensive project review meeting. Pipework engineers prepared the site for the off-loading and positioning of the free cooler and pump set, employing HIAB Vehicles for this purpose. Additionally, a new pump skid and buffer vessel were placed in proximity to the free cooler.

Newsome provided cost estimates for the installation of stainless steel thin-walled pipework, including various components such as butterfly valves, flexible bellows, binder test points, non-return valves, strainers, pressure gauges, drain points, and an integrated pressurisation set with an expansion vessel.

The project utilised stainless steel grade 304l materials, including reduced thickness zinc-coated flange backing rings for pipework size DN40 and below. Valves and ancillaries featured ductile iron/brass bodies with 316 stainless steel, rubber, PTFE, and brass internals. It also included commissioning sets consisting of double regulating valves and fixed orifice commissioning plates. Pipework was adequately supported, and chemical flushing of the system was recommended.

Newsome emphasised the importance of a flat, level, solid base for equipment. Although civil works were not included, a steel base frame with levelling pads was provided to compensate for a 2° slope in the yard. Newsome also took responsibility for delivering, offloading, and positioning equipment using HIAB vehicles. Newsome Ltd supplied an integrated Pump Skid designed for run and standby operation, complete with detailed performance data and specifications. Details of construction materials, electrical supply requirements, and control panel placement were included as part of the comprehensive project delivery.

This project exemplifies Newsome’s commitment to delivering innovative and efficient mechanical solutions that meet and exceed client expectations. The successful integration of the vacuum pump chiller and free cooling unit ensures enhanced cooling capacity, positioning our client for continued success in the lithium chemicals industry.

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