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Last month Wittmann materials handling specialist Markus Wolfram visited the UK for a tour of selected user companies.

WIBA UK Managing Director Barry Hill says that ‘this gave us an excellent opportunity to review our existing successes and to introduce Markus and our key products – such as the Gravimax, Feedmax, Drymax, Aton and other products to new opportunities.’

Hill adds that the group is now ‘very strong in the design and supply of central materials handling system. Innovations magazine 2/2017 has a perfect illustration of this in the work done in Romania for Reinert. The advantages of a central network control – such as the M7.3 – are illustrated and made clear and the performance of our large Drymax E1200s is also examined.’

Hill also says that the company’s new net5 technology is set to simplify and improve materials handling for all kinds of processors. ‘Firstly, the system clears away the need for manual feeding of any equipment. The conveying time and quantity of material can be set via a potentiometer at the material conveyors. The use of a remote control is not mandatory, but it certainly eases operations and additional functions can also be activated.

‘With net 5, every ancillary device, for example, can be displayed on the dryer’s touchscreen: material loaders, blowers, and of course the dryer itself. When a material loader is added, or when an additional Aton plus is used (and linked with the first dryer), these additional devices can also be displayed with just a keystroke. All devices can also be displayed on the screen of the additional Aton dryer.

The Reinert materials handling case study can be read in the latest issue of Wittmann’s Innovations magazine.

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