Nissei to Acquire Controlling Share of Negri Bossi

Japan-based Nissei Plastic Industry Co. Ltd. is buying a controlling stake in Italian injection moulding machinery manufacturers, Negri Bossi SpA, for an undisclosed fee.

A statement made by Nissei Plastic Industry Co. Ltd on 21st October detailed the plan to acquire a 75 per cent share in the Negri Bossi Group, with the remaining 25 per cent to be acquired ‘within a few years.’

By acquiring a controlling stake in Negri Bossi, the Japanese machinery manufacturer hopes to expand and strengthen their share in the injection moulding machine field. The combination of Nissei’s injection moulding machines and Negri Bossi’s injection moulding technology is expected to expand each product portfolio and provide a comprehensive solution to a wider array of customers.

Nissei also commented on the expected synergies between the two machinery companies, stating complementary market locations, product lineups and procurement bases as the drivers for the deal.  Nissei hopes to expand sales in Europe, Russia, Africa and India, whilst also expanding in the markets of Japan, Asia, China and the United States, where Negri Bossi’s sales and service networks have been limited previously.

Negri Bossi is the number one injection moulding machine manufacturer in Italy, with a wide range of high-performance injection moulding machines. In particular, Negri Bossi specialises in ultra-large injection moulding machines and moulding systems and provide products and solutions tailored to each customer, mainly in the automobile industry,” said Nissei in their announcement.

Negri Bossi has a particularly strong presence in Europe and a solid customer base in a wide range of industries,” Nissei continued. “Nissei will also utilize the R&D and sales capabilities of Negri Bossi to expand Nissei’s strengths in small and medium electric injection moulding machines.

Negri Bossi’s lineup of machines ranges from 70 tonnes to the ultra-large BIPOWER series, offering 1300-7000 tonnes of clamping force, as well as including the Sytrama range of robots and automation equipment. This expands the range previously offered by Nissei, which was limited to 1300 tonnes, and the company aims to expand sales of these ultra-large models into previously untouched markets. They also hope to develop a new product range, based on a combination of ‘Italian design with Japenese quality.’

Nisei concluded by saying “It is difficult to predict the Group’s sales after the acquisition, but we will closely examine the situation, and let you know when we are ready to report.


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