PCE Automation Embrace Collaborative Robot Technology

PCE Automation Ltd are harnessing the huge potential of Collaborative Robots (Cobots), in producing innovative solutions that synergise human operators with technology, within the work environment.

PCE can offer a wide range of full or partial collaborative solutions, utilising a variety of robots from market leading manufacturers.

Placing a firm and unwavering emphasis on UK and International safety compliance, PCE ensure that their solutions comprise of enhanced safety features.  Cells can be fitted with Safety Mats/Light Curtains, which can slow or pause movement of the robotic arm.  Exclusion parameters can also be set to restrict extension of the robot beyond a defined point, enabling operator and robot to work safely in tandem.

Cobots can be deployed in a number of ways, either as a fully enclosed stand-alone stations, or can be seamlessly integrated with Lean Manufacturing stations, from the Bosch Rexroth range of work benches.

Cobots are ideal companions in the completion of repetitive product handling tasks, such as feeding parts onto a conveyor, or end of line packing actions.

To discuss a project, or for more information, contact PCE Automation Limited today on +44(0)1502 713287 or via info@pce-automation.co.uk.

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