PCE Group Celebrate National Apprenticeship Week

As National Apprenticeship Week brings together employers and apprentices across the UK, the PCE GROUP have taken the opportunity to put the spotlight on Apprenticeships within their business, by speaking to the apprentices themselves.

Everyone’s experience of an apprenticeship is different, and National Apprenticeship Week is a chance for us to celebrate apprentices themselves, appreciate their hard work and focus on what makes them unique. During the week, the PCE GROUP will be providing regular updates on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) and hearing from apprentices themselves.

The PCE GROUP demonstrate the potential for career development for their apprentices in the video below, where David Nolloth, previous apprentice, now current board member, discusses his experience as an apprentice.

Further to the video above, which highlights how PCE believe progress and training can lead to great things, two of our apprentices at db automation Ltd (part of the PCE GROUP) have been interviewed and shared their experiences of apprenticeships, education and work.

We chatted to current apprentices, Charlie Astill (pictured above, left) and Tom Rice (pictured below, right):

Do you think it is important to recognise apprenticeships on National Apprenticeship Week?

CA: “Yes, it’s important, because it’s a great way to learn and should be recognised.”

TR: “Yes, because apprenticeships are important.”

Why were you interested in an apprenticeship?

CA: “I struggled with the way I was taught in a school environment, and the way you learn and develop through an apprenticeship was appealing, and I felt would suit me.”

TR: “Like Charlie, I didn’t do well in the school environment, and wanted to gain skills, and learn whilst I earnt an income.”

What makes db/PCE different to other businesses?

CA: “I don’t have much previous experience in the workplace, but I feel it’s a great place to work, and I’m happy here.”

TR: “It has given me access to a variety of learning and I have support in each element, no matter how many times I ask.”

Do you find that work/study and on the job, training are a positive way to learn?

CA: “Yes, very much so you get experience physically, its hands on.”

TR: “Yes, I have gained and continue to learn every day, I feel there is always room to grow, and I have that opportunity with db/PCE GROUP.”

What was the biggest challenge in work you have had to solve?

CA: “I burnt a bowl feeder wall, whilst I was learning to weld, finding a solution was a challenge, with the support of others, I learnt from this, and have learnt a new skill.”

TR: “Working on adjustable bowl feeders, when it just wouldn’t work, identifying parts and trying to find an efficient solution, it was challenging.”

Where do you feel the apprenticeship will lead you?

CA: “As I develop within PCE GROUP, I am learning new skills to help me in the future, my people skills have improved alongside my development of work skills.”

TR: “Into a long-lasting career, one that there are always new skills to learn.”

Finally, what is the funniest thing that has happened on your apprenticeship?

CA: “Christmas Jumper day was fun, every day there is a good atmosphere and I’d say we have fun every day (not really the funniest but true.)”

TR:There are so many memories, I work closely with great people and have great relationships there’s always a sense of fun!”

Tom, db automation
Engineering Apprentice Tom Rice at db-automation

Throughout this week, PCE GROUP will be highlighting its training, growth and investment within our staff. Our apprentices are just part of our ongoing journey.

Click here to read the original article on the PCE Automation website, or visit the PCE News Archive here.

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