Plastic Extrusions for the Leisure Industry

We all use plastic extrusions in our everyday life, often without realising. Today, with clever new machinery and techniques, more and more sections of production are switching to plastic due to its durable and lightweight qualities.

One industry in particular that is taking advantage of plastic extrusions is leisure homes.

In the walls, ceiling and furniture, it’s sometimes difficult to tell the different components apart, but at Rocal Extrusions their custom tooling facilities mean they can create bespoke profiles for even those most awkward of places.

Rocal’s flexible trims ensure corners are neatly cushioned for a sleek, safe edging. Their rigid plastic extrusions give a strong, durable platform to build upon. As an addition, their online and offline wrapping machinery means this season’s trend can be transferred onto extrusions to either blend in, or as a special effect to stand out.

In the last few years, Rocal Extrusion’s unique RocFoam has replaced timber within leisure home frames. It’s moisture resistant properties prevent any warping of the frames due to water ingress and the advantages over timber – including no knots and a good screw holding – make RocFoam the ideal material to create a stable, lightweight and moisture resistant end-product.

Rocal Extrusions cater to all industries and businesses of all sizes. Never assume that your project is too complex or too small – get in touch today.

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